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Mindfit trains young athletes’ minds to enhance their mental, emotional and physical success in life and sport. We deliver mental fitness training and educational packages that answer the unique challenges faced by athletes, coaches, teams, and parents.


Our mental training programs tackle issues such as performance enhancement strategies (pre, during, and post competition), emotional

regulation, performance anxiety, goal setting, dealing with adversity, depression, self-confidence, focus, resiliency, post-injury recovery, and the balancing of sport with school, social and home life.


Meet Lesley

our STORY:

First a nationally-ranked competitive swimmer, then a coach, a school teacher, registered mental health counsellor, and mother; our founder Lesley knows first-hand the challenges faced by young athletes. As a teacher and mental health counsellor, Lesley saw a need for mental fitness in young athletes and developed Mindfit in response. 



what's YOUR FOCUS?

It takes mental skills and strategies to prepare for and respond to different situations.

Learn to manage, develop, and strengthen your mindset

to enhance your athletic performance.


Mental fitness does not come without plenty of deliberate practice. In the same way we physically train our bodies to perform at our best, we must also train the mind.

Mental fitness optimizes performance through awareness of thoughts, feelings and behaviours. With commitment and training, athletes are more able to focus with consistency and cope with the many demands placed on them.

Helping to redirect a young athlete’s personal roadblocks, which they may not even realize are there, can bring about rewarding change, not only for the athlete, but also for parents, coaches and teammates.


Mental training programs to enhance performance in sport and in life.

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